Sunday, April 19, 2009

Responsive Classroom Overview Workshop

On Saturday, the 18th of April, the the junior and senior cohort were fortunate to participate in a Responsive Classroom: Introductory Overview workshop offered by the WSU-Rochester Education Department. "The responsive Classroom approach is a way of teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community." (Origins handout)

The day was facilitated by Ellen, a public school teacher through Minneapolis based Origins ( She was a wonderful presenter with a plethora of experience when it came to incorporating the ideas of the responsive classroom approach. This one day workshop, whittled down from the full-week workshop, introduced such areas as: morning meeting, interactive modeling, guided discovery, energizers, thoughts on classroom discipline, and closing circle.

A few of the Senior Cohort leave the trenches
of student teaching to join us!

Energizer: Rock, paper, scossors -Entourage!

Overall, I enjoyed this workshop and look forward to the day that I may incorporate the responsive classroom approach into my own classroom. Many of the ideas on a positive learning environment are built within this approach. Such concepts that have been already introduced into our education classes include differentiation of lesson plans and continuous formal and informal assessment of each student. It's nice to see these ideas carry across from the college classroom into the primary classroom.

Breakfast and Lunch was made possible by the following individuals:

Cristen Scwab for scouring the ends of the Earth (well, Rochester!) for food donations and gift certificates, Dr. Maggie Hoody for the delicious breads and morning coffee, and to Cristen's Mom for additional breakfast food, food prep, and delivery of our lunch! Desserts and Chips were also provided by various students.

Special Thanks:
A thank you to Dr. Maggie Hoody for her successful attempt of reducing the individual fee for all of us to participate in this workshop!

-Kelly James Schrandt

Is The Responsive Classroom Workshop Beneficial For Next Year?

Sara Winniger Lopez and Sahra Ahmed tell us their thoughts during the conference:

Is it for you?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Meeting Minutes

ATTENTION: Your next EMSP meeting is two weeks away.
Date: Tuesday April 28, 2009
Located in : EA 103
Time: 8:30pm!

Upcoming topics that impact you, include:

-De-briefing of Responsive Classroom

-The creation of a Senior Buddy System for the incoming Juniors

-Activities for the Mayo Cinic Children's Hospital Project

Please Join Us and Share Your Voice


Thursday, April 16, 2009
UCR EA 103


I. Call to Order

II. Old Business

  • Responsive Classroom
    • Food- Cristen and Dr. Hoody
    • Volunteer List – Cristen will email those who signed up
    • Needs?- 31 chairs, circle table, space for chart, rectangular table outside room
    • Location- HA 104
    • Time 8:00am-3:00pm
    • Bring cameras and email photos to Kelly to post on blog
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Mayo Clinic Children’s Hospital
      • Initial meeting with Kelly and Cristen
      • June 4, 2009
      • 1:30-3:00
      • First Day of 3-month trial period for program
      • Board members will each bring 10 ideas to share at the next meeting for activities, target ages 5 to 18 yr. olds
    • Scholastic Book Orders
      • Tracy will distribute and organize forms
      • Orders for Full timers due Thursday after delivered
      • Orders for Part timers due Wednesday after delivered
      • Next order may be placed online
    • Minority Recruitment
      • Project shifted to summer long commitment
      • Our group willing to donate one or two days worth of time, Cristen will e-mail.

    • Education Summit
      • Our participation limited to booth and generic assistance
  • Eagle Bluff
    • Figures
      • 2 days, 1 night for seniors, housing/meals included- $50
      • 1 day for juniors, meals included- $15

III. New Business

  • Student Advisory Meeting with Craig Johnson and Student Senate from Winona Campus
    • Creation of a Rochester board may benefit our group financially as well as connect us more with the community as a whole student body.

IV. Next Meeting : Tuesday April 28, 2009

V. Adjournment

Minutes Submitted by Colleen Loy

Sunday, April 5, 2009

EMSP Spring Leadership Workshop 2009

Treasurer, Tracy Talcott and Vice President, Cristen Schwab spent the weekend...Here, in St. Paul at the EMSP Spring Leadership Workshop.
Besides having loads of fun (1 marker with 4 highlighters, just some of many supplies we received for free!)...We stayed here, at the Embassy Suites in downtown (for free!)...We participated in panel discussions amongst other EMSP board members from different schools throughout the state.

Together, we learned about ESI and NEA member benefits, what it means to be a part of EMSP, methods to better our chapters, communication skills, resources and opportunities accessible to board members and all members of Education Minnesota, what other MN chapters are doing, and much more.

Most importantly, Tracy was voted to participate in EMSP's national conference in San Diego this June 26-July 7. Congratulations Tracy!!!

We feel as though we are now better educated to serve our peers and more fully understand ways in which our chapter in Rochester can continue to grow and improve itself. We 100% recommend for further board members to attend these conferences. They happen both in the fall and spring and at each conference board members receive opportunities to apply for scholarships, further roles in Education Minnesota, etc. It is free of charge and as many people from the board are capable of attending.

We've promised ourselves that we will be fall!

This week many of the Juniors experienced Oobleck for the first time! We laughed and made an unrivaled mess, but we learned how a student might feel trying to identify the physical properties of a very foriegn substance.
-Colleen Loy

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 2, 2009
8:30 pm UCR CF 206/208

I. Call to Order

II. Old Business

  • Responsive Classroom Workshop April 18
    • Food
      • Hy-Vee-donation
      • Brueggers Bagels-donation
      • Great Harvest Bread-donation
      • Dunn Brothers- possible donation
      • Colleen will bring tea, sugar and creamer
      • Paper supplies left over from past events
    • Breakfast
      • Bagels and beverages
    • Lunch
      • Sandwich bar style, chips, and beverages
    • Set up/clean up
      • Colleen- sign up sheet
    • Photographs
      • All members willing to take photos during session
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Mayo Clinic Children's Hospital
      • Math/Science projects welcomed by coordinator Jennifer Managers
      • Examples of possible projects and dates are requested
      • Looking at a May date and tour of facility
    • Scholastic books
      • Maggie- call and confirm shipment
    • Education Summit
      • Scale back involvement due to swelling schedules
      • Will volunteer in ways in which we are requested
    • Eagle Bluff
      • Plan- visit in late August/early September with Juniors and Seniors
      • Maggie met with director to discuss programs and fees (forthcoming)
  • Website/Blog Reguation
    • Decision to have all posts and comments come through email address
III. New Business
  • Minority Recruitment opportunity
  • Cristen belongs to the Minority Outreach Program, EMSP has been offered to facilitate an experience at the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester in an effort to build children's esteem in furthering their education past that of high school and possibly pursuing a career in education.
    • Questions Cristen will address:
      • Who has liability?
      • Marketing for event will be facilitated by?
      • Can the date be moved from early to mid August?
      • 1 week summer camp, is it possible to do three half days? Something like six Saturdays? How flexible is the schedule?
IV. Review of Tasks

V. Next Meeting Date
  • April 18, 2009 (Thursday, 8:30pm)
VI. Adjournment

Minutes prepared by Colleen Loy