Sunday, April 5, 2009

EMSP Spring Leadership Workshop 2009

Treasurer, Tracy Talcott and Vice President, Cristen Schwab spent the weekend...Here, in St. Paul at the EMSP Spring Leadership Workshop.
Besides having loads of fun (1 marker with 4 highlighters, just some of many supplies we received for free!)...We stayed here, at the Embassy Suites in downtown (for free!)...We participated in panel discussions amongst other EMSP board members from different schools throughout the state.

Together, we learned about ESI and NEA member benefits, what it means to be a part of EMSP, methods to better our chapters, communication skills, resources and opportunities accessible to board members and all members of Education Minnesota, what other MN chapters are doing, and much more.

Most importantly, Tracy was voted to participate in EMSP's national conference in San Diego this June 26-July 7. Congratulations Tracy!!!

We feel as though we are now better educated to serve our peers and more fully understand ways in which our chapter in Rochester can continue to grow and improve itself. We 100% recommend for further board members to attend these conferences. They happen both in the fall and spring and at each conference board members receive opportunities to apply for scholarships, further roles in Education Minnesota, etc. It is free of charge and as many people from the board are capable of attending.

We've promised ourselves that we will be fall!

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