Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow! Talk about not being updated in a while! The EMSP board members in Rochester have taken some great steps into getting the Winona State Rochester Education name out in to the public. Our members have introduced a volunteering opportunity for the Winona State Rochester cohort. Our cohort will being volunteering at an elementary school in the Rochester Public School District. This opportunity will help further our cohort's educational experiences. This is in the early stages of development, but will focus on offering STEM activities to students in an after school environment.
The EMSP board has also taken advantage of Winona State Student Senate's funding and have set up two professional development classes for the Rochester cohort to attend. The first professional development course our cohort will be attending will be a Responsive Classroom Training put on by Origins based out of Minneapolis. This event will be held in Rochester on April 17th. The second professional development opportunity will involve SMART board training provided by SSC (Southeast Service Co-Op).
On March 26th and 27th the Rochester EMSP board members will be traveling to St. Paul for the Annual Spring Education Minnesota meeting. We will be looking forward to updating everyone on the activities we will participating in.