Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall EMSP Conference

At the conference we learned a lot about NEA and Education Minnesota. Below is a newsletter that we created to share with the Junior and Seniors. There is a lot of information!

Did you Know?

There are many opportunities as a NEA member

· NEA Website Benefits:

Go to:

Here, there are opportunities such as travel discounts, insurance coverage, lesson plans, counseling contacts, etc. Some things we found to be important are:

1. You can be reimbursed up to $20 dollars for each year you were an NEA benefits member (purchased insurance). When you become a full-time teacher, you can be reimbursed up to $40 (two years worth of insurance). This form can be sent to you via request to Tammy Barnes: REMEMBER this for next Fall!

2. When you sign up for your NEA liability insurance through, you can also sign up as a NEA website member to print off coupons, receive discounts, find scholarships, search for most public school districts contracts, learn about negotiations, gather information for “New Teachers” such as conferences, tips & suggestions, and find website connections for job postings. On top of all of these, you can look into the legal aspects. You can catch up on newly passed laws and what’s happening in our legislature.

o Go to

o Click on New User? Register Now

o Be sure to select: EMSP Winona State - ROCHESTER

o Follow the prompts *Note: Your MN ID # is the confirmation number you received when you signed up for your liability insurance. You can find this number in your confirmation e-mail. It’s a 9 digit number.

3. There are multiple Facebook pages to join and keep up on the news! Go to

4. When you are a member, you are part of the NEA (National Education Association) as well as the AFT (American Federation of Teachers). Together, these are the Education Minnesota Union.

Fun Fact: Rochester was the home of the first MEA (Minnesota Education Association) in 1861!

Find out more at:

Your student representatives:

Tammy Barnes: 800-642-3239

Michelle Goos: 800-622-4981

Greg Miller: 800-422-0528

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