Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EMSP in the Spring

Fresh off our trip to the leadership conference in St. Paul, we are very excited to share our experience. The conference featured two speakers. They discussed the importance of safety on the Internet and studying abroad. Internet crimes against children is on the rise and pre-service teachers need to be aware of this. This is an important topic and we are hoping to have the same speaker come down and give a presentation for our cohort.

Another topic we would like to discuss is the opportunity for our cohort to participate in professional development. The two that we will be hosting is a Smartboard Training and Responsive Classroom course. The dates are tentative as of right now, but we are estimating that Responsive Classroom will be in late May and Smartboard will be next fall.

Finally, we have discussed an interest in hosting a meet and eat next fall for the incoming Juniors. However, we would like to make this event more engaging and informative for the Juniors, so we will make things a tad more structured and assign more roles. The event will still be fun! We are expecting to have Papa John's pizza, and hoping that some people in our cohort would be willing to make some dessert and/or appetizer.

We are open for any suggestions! We hope you all will be interested and excited for our opportunities!

EMSP Members
President- Dan
Vice President- Tim
Secretary- Brandice
Treasurer- Jake

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